Check out these amazing MINI emergency kits that cover just about every crisis that might arise...and take up hardly any room!

In the world of photography, they say that the best camera is the one you carry with you. Even the best-quality camera becomes worthless if you aren’t taking pictures with it! The same idea applies to emergency kits; you can have emergency kits in your home that are well-stocked, but those kits aren’t going to do you any good if you’re faced with an emergency away from home!
But none of us wants to carry around a big ol’ emergency kit, full of things you might not actually need. So imagine if you had an emergency kit so compact that you could carry it around in the pocket of your jeans if you wanted to? AND that kit would have exactly the things you might need, with nothing extraneous. You’d be way more likely to carry that around with you, right?
Check out these amazing MINI emergency kits that cover just about every crisis that might arise...and take up hardly any room!:
That’s where this comes in – the humble mint tin. Small, reusable, and durable, these mint tins make the perfect container for emergency kits. While at first glance they appear to be too small to hold anything useful, by the end of this post you’ll see just how much these tins are capable of holding!
Emergency Kits

43 More DIY Wine Cork Crafts Ideas

Easy Christmas Decor Ideas: Reindeer Corks | Easy DIY Wine Cork Decor Project

Want some wine cork crafts and projects to work on? If you don’t have any idea with what to do with your wine cork collection, don’t worry. This list of wine cork crafts will give you tons of options to choose from.

Wine Cork Crafts | Cool DIY Projects

I’m a moderate wine drinker. I only have a glass or two of wine at most and only sometimes during the weekend. That’s why when I checked my stash of wine corks, I was so surprised that I have so many already. I guess it must be because of friends and family who know that I collect them. So with all the wine corks that I have, my brain again switched to craft mode. There must be some new wine cork crafts that I haven’t tried yet.

I made some wine cork projects a few months back and they turned out absolutely lovely. You can check them out here. Now that it seems that my stash of wine corks are enough for another project, I just can’t help but look for new and fresh wine cork craft ideas to work on. So if you have a wine cork collection like me, this is a list I’m sure you’re going to enjoy.
43 More Wine Cork Craft Ideas  | http://diyready.com/more-wine-cork-crafts-ideas/

18 Incredible Homemade Soap Ideas | How to Make Homemade Soap

Incredible Homemade Soap Ideas | Try your skill on soap making with these recipes.

Soap is a necessity in the household. And you have to admit, sometimes, picking the perfect soap can be hard. It can cost you a lot of money and it’s really difficult to find something without a lot of chemicals in it.

So why not make your own homemade soap? We’ve gathered some of the best and incredible homemade soap recipes you can try. It would be fun and a great way for you to start making soap in no time!

18 Incredible Homemade Soap Ideas | How to Make Homemade Soap


Top 10 Colors For Blue Eyes Makeup

If you are looking for a way to make your blue eyes pop, this is the right thing for you.
They are so many tips out there on how to make your blue eyes stand out, and we have chosen the top 10 combinations for you.

We are sure that you have heard of the makeup rule that you can not wear blue shadow on blue eyes, but it certainly does not mean you wont look good if you choose the right shade, so if you have darker eyes use lighter blue, and reverse. Take a look at the best colors for your eyes, and be sure what ever of them you choose, it would look great on you.

Enjoy this article and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about blue eyes makeup!

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