40 hair colors ideas for brunettes for summer

When it comes to hair color, most women want to color their hair but there are two things that prevent them from getting it right. In some cases, the girl or woman in question does not know how to go about and gets it wrong. Another scenario is where the girl or woman in question […]

36 Short Acrylic Natural Shapes Round Nails Designs And Summer Colors Nail

Rounded acrylic nails are simple yet classic. Also, it is easy to look after such nails. Check out our trendsetting summer nail art designs here. This is the time to experiment with clothes, makeup, and nail art. You can try an array of summer nail manicures in shades ranging from cobalt blue to sandy nudes. […]

61 Natural French Tip Nails Colored With Designs For Summer And Spring

French tips are probably the most popular and well liked nail art design of all seasons. It’s because you can paint them in almost any theme and design and they fit just about any occasion. They can be considered as all time favorites because of their flexibility towards the designs. French tip nail art designs […]

42 Short Natural Acrylic Ombre Almond Nails Ideas designs For summer colors nail

Almond shape nails are for those with modern taste. Quality is important to you, and you won’t go for anything that looks dated or vintage. This softer version of the stiletto has a future-classic appeal that suits you perfectly. Nails are in important part of personal grooming and personal hygiene. Moreover, they are even important […]

47 Cute Natural Gel Polish Nails Colors Ideas Designs For Spring&Summer Nail 2018

Do you want to look special Natural Gel Polish Nails Colors Ideas Designs for the spring and summer time? I’ve got you covered when it comes to the (dreaded) decision of picking out which color to get. There are all types and colors of manicure, from easy nail designs to more sophisticated ones. Depending on […]

27 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For School

Having a trendy, quick and easy hairstyle for school is essential, as we all remember from our own schooldays. It must be totally up-to-date, but also simple enough to re-do after a fast game of netball or tennis leaves you hot and messy, as you head for the showers. Are you looking for Quick and […]

40 Acrylic Coffin Long Nails Short Nails For This Spring And Summer

Acrylic coffin nails have been in the fashion since the past few years, but it seemed to be going nowhere as that of French Manicure. The coffin nails are also known as Ballerina nails, that have been spotted on almost every fashion Diva ranging from Kim Kardashian to Rihanna. As mentioned, these acrylic coffin nails […]

Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Medium Hair 2018

Around the season, the shorter, more medium-length hairstyle started to get super trendy. Women have a plethora of hairdos and styles to choose from – it’s practically endless! That’s the reason finding the right hairstyle can be really rewarding. The joy of discovering that we have found just the perfect hairdo can take us instantly […]

60 Cute Acrylic Nails Designs for Summer 2018

To feel beautiful: what does it for you? If you’re viewing this article, nails are of some importance to your beauty regime – and we’re here to help inspire your personal creativity. Acrylic nails that dazzle and captivate your on-looking audience can be quite satisfying, so what better way to feel gorgeous than to have […]

Spiral acrylic nails to inspire you in 2018

The new trends are always dizzying, and various new tricks are also somewhat confusing. According to the “Daily Mail” news, nail lovers have recently exquisitely printed “spiral nails” on social media. This has become the latest hot trend in social media. You can do some cool spiral designs on your nails. In the picture above […]