If you want to know how easy and quick to do a twisted side braid than click NEXT below to watch the video and pin DIY tutorial to not forget.

This style of braid has been sported on the runway lately. Having a unique feminine, yet slightly messy vibe, this hairstyle is perfect for every day as well as for some fancy parties. Wanna learn how to do this glam hairstyle fast?

3. Front Twist Going Into Braid

The next step is twisting that front part. Make sure you do it in the opposite direction from the face. Twist it along the hairline till the ear. Once you have reached it, make a small hole at the back of the braid and pull your twist through it. Now you should have four hair strands.

Keep on braiding. On this stage, you should be creating a braid out of four pieces. When you are done, secure the braid with one more clear hair tie. In case you want to slay it all day long, add some bobby pins to the twist.

Front Twist Going Into Braid

In order to achieve a more romantic effect, try spreading the braid a little bit. You can also pull out some strands to make it even more effortless. As a finishing touch, add a teeny-tiny amount of finishing hairspray and you are ready to go and conquer the world.


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