If you want to know how easy and quick to do a twisted side braid than click NEXT below to watch the video and pin DIY tutorial to not forget.

This style of braid has been sported on the runway lately. Having a unique feminine, yet slightly messy vibe, this hairstyle is perfect for every day as well as for some fancy parties. Wanna learn how to do this glam hairstyle fast?

2. Make Side Braid

Divide your hair into two sections with a side part. For a more creative variant, opt for a zigzag side part. A comb will help you with it.

On the side where you have a smaller bulk of hair take a bigger part of hair and start braiding. Follow your hairline till the moment you get to the other side. It’s like an unfinished halo braid.

Make Side Braid

Keep braiding on the other side till you reach a jaw line. The front part of hair should be left out in order to make a twist afterwards. Tie your French braid up with a hair tie. A clear one would be perfect. Afterwards, use some hair spray so that there won’t be any unnecessary flyways.


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