17 DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Adults

You’ll just gobble up these Thanksgiving crafts for kids and adults! With great Thanksgiving decor projects, centerpieces, and even edible crafts for kids, these Thanksgiving crafts will have you ready for the holiday season in no time. This ultimate guide of crafts for Thanksgiving will also give you great ideas for hostess gifts, in case you’re traveling to someone’s home for the holidays.

And if you’re the lucky one who is hosting Thanksgiving dinner, there are even some great projects to make to help you set the table, serve food, and make your guests feel right at home.

The crafts below are geared towards adults that want to make “serious” decorations for their Thanksgiving celebration. Some of them are easy enough to share with your rug rats, and some of them are best kept adults only.

These beautiful projects will have your home looking cute and crafty this Thanksgiving, see more at https://www.jewelrycoco.com/17-diy-thanksgiving-crafts-adults/

10 DIY Tutorials to Make the Perfect Summer Hat For 2017

Sunglasses and straw totes don’t deserve all the attention when it comes to standout summer accessories. No, sandals, we’re not talking about you. Toe rings, definitely not you either. Summer hats — this one’s for you. Crown your warm weather wardrobe this season with a fab accessory that will leave your maxi dress in the shadows.

In a good way. Perfect for all those warm weather parties and getaways you’ll be taking off to, these 10 fun hats are versatile enough to wear to any summer shindig. And the best part is you can make them all yourself! We’ll take our hats off (we had to… 😉 to that!

1. Polka Dot Hat: Turn your traditional floppy hat into a classy number! With a foam pouncer and the color of your choice, you’ll be making a statement in no time. (via Sugar + Cloth)

Turn your traditional floppy hat into a classy number! With a foam pouncer and the color of your choice, you’ll be making a statement in no time.

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19 Easy to Make Summer DIY Crafts for Kids for 2017

1. Paper Bowl Jellyfish Craft

What kind of crafts do you think of as must-make summer crafts for kids to create? Summer is the one of the times I get really excited about crafting. It brings back all the memories of what we made at summer camps or vacation bible school.

Celebrate the summer with some of these amazing summer crafts for kids! All the ideas are adaptable for all ages of kids, and most are quick and easy to make.

This colorful jellyfish craft for kids is super easy and doesn’t require any painting. It’s a perfect mess-free summer craft for kids or ocean-themed kids crafts.

Paper Bowl Jellyfish Craft

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8 DIY Recycle Project Ideas That’re Totally Genius

DIY projects are one of the best ways to recycle your old stuff. If you don’t feel like selling or donating the stuff you’ve accumulated in your home, there are so many beautiful crafts you can create and show off to your family and friends.

The best part is, you save a ton of money! Going to the local craft store can be pretty expensive for things you thought should cost less than a buck. Enjoy these DIY ideas; I know I will! Found From diybunker.

While ketchup bottles aren’t the most expensive items in the world, and most people have no problem just tossing them, it is still made out of plastic. Instead of just throwing the plastic away, why not feed some cute birds?


Organize your home office desk in a creative, stylish, and beautiful way, and any work you do there will be much more fun. See our pieces of advice on how to revamp the desk at home.

Also, consider how to arrange the things not only on your desk but also in front of it, for example, opt for a gallery wall. A set of pictures that you prefer can easily enhance your mood.

A desk caddy is such a functional upcycle! Reuse some colorful boxes in a creative way to store your things on your table.

Who says that all things on your desk should be made of wood, metal, and glass? It is your desk, and you can organize it in a less formal way, for example, by placing there some decorative items made of fabric.