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Wix Support is terrible

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asked Jul 5, 2017 in Jewelry&Accessories by Sonia F.
I've had a site for about 3 years now. Back when I got it, it was great and I had phone support. Support has gone completely downhill. Now you have to do a support ticket and it takes about 20 minutes to find that ability to even do that. SO I paid for the most premium recently as we did a wix upgrade and it messed up many things on and we needed help with the ecommerce site. I still cannot get thru on the phone-EVER. So the support tickets are never really read fully as each time i have sent one, and i've sent many, do not address the real problem. Our site has published when we only saved it, said that can't happen, so three of us tested that, easily, and it happened again. Now my problem is one that said cannot duplicate ( would have to go thru the payment process on to duplicate it I told them) and since it cannot be duplicated wix thinks it cannot happen. I want to change as the ONLY plus is ths defunct site is easy to build.

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