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Jeulia Return policy and communication is TERRIBLE - Jewelrycoco Q2A

Jeulia Return policy and communication is TERRIBLE

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asked Jun 22, 2017 in Jewelry&Accessories by Eric M.
I ordered two items. Wasn't happy with either. So I returned them. Should have been an easy transaction, but no. First, there's no return shipping label. So not only did I pay $35.00 for express shipping, but I ALSO had to pay to ship it back. Then I'm told "5 to 7 working days" for a refund. Well, we're on day TEN and no refund yet! So after a bunch of messages I finall get a reply. Their error. So guarantee within "5 to 7 more working days". Is this a joke? 3 to 4 weeks to get my refund? That's completely unacceptable. If you buy their dull jewelry, don't try to return it. Cause have no intention of getting your money back to you. Still waiting....

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