88 Beautiful Nail Designs for Short Nails

Need some nail design inspiration for your short nails? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Chic and fun nail designs aren’t just reserved for long nails, we guarantee it!

We’ve searched the Instagram in order to find the best nail designs for everyone’s taste. For the most looks you don’t need any skills, just steady hand.

Short nails are so much easier to maintain. My nails are quite brittle, so I understand the battle of not being able to grow them out. Even if my nails are short, I like indulging in a bit of nail art.

To be on trend, take a look at our list of 88 most gorgeous nail designs created by talented nail artists.

We would like to take a look at how even with short or regular length fingernails, you can still decorate them to look flattering and beautiful. From basic styles to more creative and unique styles – we take a look at 88 beautiful short nail ideas.