67 Different Short Almond Shape Nails Design Ideas Inspire You

The almond shaped nails are the perfect choice for you and is the latest trend today. If you are a woman, one of your main concerns when it comes to your appearance are your nails. You do your make-up and your hair every day, pick a new outfit every day, but you have to do your nails once a week or once a month. So when you pick a design and a shape you want the best of the best that will be practical and amazing in the same time. That means you need almond nails!

If you want to have lady-like nails then turn them into almond nails. Almond nails are here to stay, simply because they look really nice! But do you have any idea what almond nails really are? Obviously, you’ll have to imagine the tasty almond nut. This is exactly the shape that you will imitate for your nails.

There are two options to get almond shaped nails, either you do it at home by your or you got to saloon: Your nails are naturally long, so all you need to do is let them grow out and then shape them with a file. Hold the file at a 50 degree and file in one direction to avoid splits. Repeat on the other side. The second option is to go to a salon and get almond acrylic nails. Sit on the chair for two hours, let the nail artist do his magic and there you go- perfect nails!

Almond shaped nails are super practical and you can have them as long or as short as you want, because they always look natural.

Almond nails are best for formal parties and special occasions, as they look very classic and sophisticated. If you have to do many daily activities everyday and have a typing job than better don’t try almond shape, you may go for round nails.