65 Cute Spring Nail Art Designs 2018

What is your manicure for the new season? What will spring bring to you? It seems that spring will bring the whole world back to life. The trees are growing and the blossom blooms. Everything becomes new again. For girls, manicure should be new as well! The spring nail arts can be designed by the spring theme.

The way a woman puts herself together is often a reflection of the way she feels and the way the current season makes her feel. This means that spring is the season when a woman will dress with fresh and bright colors to reflect the changes that spring brings around her. When it comes to the way nails are decorated, this will definitely reflect the colors and theme of the current season.

What can we say about nail art in spring? When nature itself uses the world around us to paint an exotic and lovely picture using every element as a canvas, why should your nails not reflect this. Here are some ideas that you can go with for nail art.

The spring nail art designs seem to have more glittering factors and pastel colors for all girls. You can choose many different patterns like flowers, strips, dots and Aztec prints to complete your nail design.

Perfect nails will help to spice up your life in a great way. You can simple apply bright colored nails or style them with pretty flowers. The manicure won’t spend you a big fortune going for an expert. Check out 65 spring nail art ideas & designs for this year in this post and hope you’ll be inspired!