60 Festive Thanksgiving Nails Designs You Should Try 2017

When people think Thanksgiving, they think family, celebration, turkey…us? We think seasonal nail art. Pretty, festive nail designs are our favorite way to get into the holiday spirit.

Thanksgiving isn’t all about turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and green beans. It can be about looking great, too! You’ve finally broken out your fall boots, sweaters, and hats, but you shouldn’t skimp on your nails. Besides, your aunts and cousins will think you’re the coolest person who is still at the kid table.

Thanksgiving for me is the time for families to get together and share the warmth and nourishment of the food being prepared. Having a nail art that goes along with the holiday only means that you are as much excited as I am to see and meet the whole gang once again.

Thanksgiving nails inspiration is a must. Such attributes of the fall as rain, wine, yellow leaves, and turkey are unchangeable. But your nails are always different, unlike the fall. Step aside from unimaginative nail designs that are already dull as ditchwater.

There are so many beautiful and festive ways to do your nails for Thanksgiving. We’ve searched Instagram for the best nail art ideas so you don’t have to, and found 60 amazing looks that will help you get in the mood for one of the most popular holidays of the year.