50 Gel nail polish designs for fall 2018

Your nails are important. They should be up to date on the latest trends and fall nail colors, too! Nails are either properly maintained, or not at all. I personally have always loved nail polish ever since I can remember.

Having a well manicured hand at all times is important. Especially if you work with the public. The way you portray yourself, whether it’s by the clothes you wear or the attitude you carry is crucial. How your nails look play a large role in this. The color? Not so much. However, I am here to show you the fall nail colors and designs for this season!

Gel nails are the most convenient solution for those who want to keep their nails on the cutting-edge of fashion and beauty. They are applied liked a regular polish, but they dry under an LED or UV light, which speeds up the drying process, resulting in a mani that lasts way longer. But not all gel manis are created equal. As a lifestyle blogger with a passion for beauty, I’m here to share my top 50 designs that I recommend to anyone looking for cute and trendy nails.

Let us take the drive by ourselves and look through the collection of 50 autumn gel nail art designs & ideas of 2018, these fall nails are worth trying in the season of autumn, they are amazing and are worth trying for sure. Here we go!

Here I have a collection of gel nails art designs ideas of 2018. I am sure it will give you ample ideas that how gel nails can be made by sitting on the couch without going after expensive salons and nail art bars. Stay shinning and never underestimate yourself, you are beautiful just the way you are.