45 Scary Halloween Make Up Looks, Trends & Ideas 2017

When we were kids, we used to wear those plastic masks and basic crayons to draw attention on Halloween, but those are past things. Today creativity comes into the picture, if you have a wide imagination, then the possibilities are endless.

Makeup makes a drastic transformation, it makes you look so good and pretty but when it comes to Halloween makeup; it certainly is used to make you look ugly and creepy, because it is about abnormal happenings on Halloween and anything that looks horrible must be done to save the day for its essence.

I am presenting before you a collection of 40+ scary Halloween make up looks, trends & ideas of 2017 that you would love to do with yourself this Halloween. Stay hooked for more posts. Here we go!

Halloween is all about scary, spooky, gory and horrible happenings where all you see is sprinkling and splashing of blood ponds. There are a ton of options for you to choose. Click NEXT PAGE or Next POST below to find the gallery of classic pixie cuts and happy pinning!