17 Super Easy Nail Art Designs and Ideas for 2016

Nowadays, there are many ways to have beautiful nails. We love bright colors, different patterns and styles. In this post, I’d like to provide you with some nail designs that are very easy to make yet still look gorgeous. To those nail art beginners, they don’t have refined skills and techniques for an elaborate design, but still have the right to pursue beauty. Follow us with 17 super easy nail art designs and ideas for 2016 below and hope you can get inspired!

You can choose any bright color you like to complete you nails. From polka dots, strips to heart shapes, anyone of them will help you bring your nail design to next level. It is also being a great idea to have the black and white nails if you want to try something classic and formal.

Besides, you will find it very interesting and fun to make DIY nails with your friends or daughters, which means it is really a good idea to kill time for us. See more>>

Amazing Nail Art Design

15 Pretty and Chic Updos for Medium Length Hair

I bet there will be no other hairstyles can look as elegant as the classy updo hairstyles. You can wear the updo hairstyles for almost every occasion.

They will also go along well with your outfits of any style. Besides, you needn’t worry about your hair being not long enough for a perfect updo hairstyle. Today, let’s take a look at 16 pretty and chic updos for medium length hair with our beautiful pictures.

The updo hairstyles are also an easy way to deal with your hair and it won’t take you too much time in the morning. Their versatile shapes also allow you have different fabulous hairstyle for your everyday look. See more>>

3 Easy Updos for Medium Length Hair

27 Brilliantly Creative Nail Art Patterns

Need some new nail art ideas you can try at home? Check out these step by step tutorials for awesome nail art designs and patterns you can do yourself.

Easy to follow instructions show you exactly how to get these awesome manicures.

From simple nails to super creative patterns and designs that are sure to impress, you are going to adore these ideas. Teens, tweens and adults will love these stripes, chevrons, summer patterns, herringbone ideas and more. See more>>

Argyle Nail Art

14 Stunning DIY Hairstyles For Long Hair | Hairstyle Tutorials

Having a long hair does not necessarily mean plain and boring. In fact, your options of having different hairstyle every day are boundless.

While your hair stylist can do all the hair styling for you, it’s different when you can just go and do it by yourself! Source from>>

A collection of the most Stunning & Easy DIY Hairstyles for Long Hair. Whatever the occasion, be it your wedding, a day at work, a special event or even holidays, these stunning hairstyles for long hair are super duper easy you can do them in less than 10 Minutes!

Stunning & Easy DIY Hairstyles for Long Hair

40 Palm Tree Nail Art Ideas

There’s nothing too complicated about the process, and you will need just the simplest materials that you can even find in our own home.

In just a matter of minutes, you’d be surprised to see how easy it is to recreate your very own Palm Tree Nail Art design.

This design is simply perfect for the summer holidays and getaways that you have planned beforehand. Play around with wonderful colors and blue shades that can make the sea and the sky background look even more beautiful.

A pretty Palm Tree Nail Art design. The palm trees are in silhouette as the sky looks very welcoming sunrise beneath them. The light pastel greens also help set the mood.

A pretty Palm Tree Nail Art design. The palm trees are in silhouette as the sky looks very welcoming sunrise beneath them. The light pastel greens also help set the mood.