17 DIY Thanksgiving Crafts for Adults

You’ll just gobble up these Thanksgiving crafts for kids and adults! With great Thanksgiving decor projects, centerpieces, and even edible crafts for kids, these Thanksgiving crafts will have you ready for the holiday season in no time. This ultimate guide of crafts for Thanksgiving will also give you great ideas for hostess gifts, in case you’re traveling to someone’s home for the holidays.

And if you’re the lucky one who is hosting Thanksgiving dinner, there are even some great projects to make to help you set the table, serve food, and make your guests feel right at home.

The crafts below are geared towards adults that want to make “serious” decorations for their Thanksgiving celebration. Some of them are easy enough to share with your rug rats, and some of them are best kept adults only.

These beautiful projects will have your home looking cute and crafty this Thanksgiving, see more at https://www.jewelrycoco.com/17-diy-thanksgiving-crafts-adults/ There are a ton of options for you to choose. Click NEXT PAGE or Next POST below to find the gallery of classic pixie cuts and happy pinning!