15 Ways to Party Like Gatsby at Your Wedding

From the jazz to the fashion, we’ll go for ’20s inspired whenever we can. Aside from everything else there is to love about the roaring ’20s, the one thing we can’t get enough of is the classic book The Great Gatsby.

With Gatsby’s awesome parties, Daisy’s fab style and the romance between them both, we totally swoon whenever we think about it.

While we wish the story could have ended differently for the couple, we’d like to think their wedding would have been an unforgettable affair. We’ve rounded up 15 Gatsby-approved ideas for a wedding that will channel their style, lifestyle and overall extravagance.

Save the Dates

1. Roaring ’20s Gatsby-Inspired Save the Date ($10): Set the theme for your wedding right away with these ’20s-inspired save the dates. Your guests will be super pumped to party in style with you.