15 Easy Hairstyles For That Awkward In-Between Hair Length

I imagine that everyone has her own personal awkward hair length. My awkward grown-out lob is obviously different than someone’s overgrown pixie cut. But over the past couple of months, the frustration of this length has sent me deep into the Pinterest archives to figure out what on earth to do with this mess. When my hair is in good shape, I usually just straighten or curl depending on what it feels like doing when I wake up, then leave it down. When your hair is overgrown, leaving it down isn’t really an option.

13. Short Hair Waterfall

Hair-Romance-waterfall-braid-in-short-hairYou don’t usually see waterfall braids unless they’re on some model with hair that hangs all the way down to her butt. But, alas! Hair Romance shows shorter-haired ladies that we can do it too.

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