15 Beautiful Hairstyles with A-Line Haircut

An A-line haircut is among the trendiest cuts today and it seems to be here for the long-haul. Many women are going for the stacked A-line style, often called an “inverted or stacked bob” as it looks fabulous on almost every face shape and texture of hair. With an A-line bob you can add highlights and ombre finishes making your hair stand out. You can also experiment with different lengths, textures and layers to find the one that best fits your personality features and style.

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This ultra-messy hairstyle sports long, soft layers for those with straight and fine hair. The tousled look is all the rage now. In addition to looking trendy, you will feel sexy with this short playful style. Add some ombre touches to complete the look.

Straight, Shaggy Cut There are a ton of options for you to choose. Click NEXT PAGE or Next POST below to find the gallery of classic pixie cuts and happy pinning!


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