I taught another class in December to a great stylist from CA.  Here are all the looks I created for the class.

This makes me wish I was better at braiding my hair or anyone’s hair for that matter so that I could do this to mine or Evy’s hair.

All you have to do for this is a simple braid (not to close the front of you face if you have bangs or just want it to look like the picture.) , then pan-cake the braid and then tie it of with an elastic and then pin it back

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Hair Style Ideas- The Hair Bow

I kind of like the hair bow. I was looking for some hair inspiration and this hairstyle is a cool alternative to the top knot. You can find simple instructions bellow or watch the video.

I haven’t tried it yet but I showed it to my hairdresser and we will try a cool hair bow version soon.

bow top bun. not that I EVER wear my hair up. but this is so super cute! Maybe i'll do it on my girls hair. :):
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10 Best DIY Wedding Hairstyles with Tutorials

We always get much inspiration from DIY wedding ideas and today in this post we will get into wedding hairstyles. No matter your hair is long or short, your stylist will always find the right hairstyle that suits you best, especially on your big day!

From updo, braids, to half up half down style, the following bridal hairstyles ideas are the ideal for girls with a high glamour and elegance! And want to try on your own? Ladies, just scroll down and have a glimpse!

loose braided updo diy wedding hairstyles ideas

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The 7 Best Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

We all look great on Monday morning after spending Sunday night washing, drying and styling our hair. But by Wednesday, our locks are falling a bit limp, and no amount of dry shampoo will help. What’s a girl to do? We don’t always have time for a fresh blowout and sometimes we tire of top knots.

Behold: Seven easy tutorials and hairstyles for dirty hair that not only make third- or fourth-day hair look great, but actually work better on slightly lived-in locks.

1. The Bouffant Bun

The secret to making dirty hair look glam; backcombing. A lot of it.
One of our hairstyle obsessions - the bouffant braid! Here's a great tutorial!:
Image: The Freckled Fox via Pinterest
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