25+ Easter and Spring Decorations

The weather is starting to get warmer, and hopefully the snow and cold is behind us for now. With springtime comes flowers, April showers…and Easter! Get your house ready for spring and Easter with these fun decoration ideas.


10 Tutorials to DIY Christmas Gifts

Though it still has some days before Christmas, don’t you think it’s a right time to think about choosing the Christmas gifts? We suggest that you DIY Christmas gifts instead of buying them in the shops because DIY projects can save money as well as show your heart to your friends and family members.

If you have no idea to make a gift by yourself, you are lucky to find our site. The post will introduce 10 DIY tutorials to you. You can not only save your money, but also improve your DIY skills.

Have a look at the post and begin to make Christmas gifts for people you love.

Cute Candle Idea

Cute Candle Idea
Cute Candle Idea via

20 Easy and Unique DIY Holiday Gifts You Can Make With Mason Jars

I’m not really sure what it is about mason jars that make them so popular, but whatever it is, it’s going strong. Mason jars have been unavoidable for the last few years, whether they’re being used to store food, create cute crafts, or hold pretty candles. The great thing about them is they’re so versatile and they always look cute no matter what.

Those things also make mason jars the perfect starting point for an adorable DIY gift. If you want to make someone a more personal present this holiday season, look no further than a mason jar. There are so many fun things you can do with them that will result in the cutest, most thoughtful gift ever – and it’s not even hard! Here are 20 easy and unique DIY holiday gifts you can make with mason jars: 

1. Manicure In A Jar – nail polish, nail clippers, nail files, cotton balls, stickers and more make the perfect manicure jar. 


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DIY – Cress cups with a face

Cress is a lovely herb that tastes great on a sandwich with cheese or cream cheese. It’s also a herb that is really easy to grow at home. Within days you can harvest from your own little window garden. When I found these little sake cups at the thrift store I immediately saw some great looking cress planters in them. Because what looks better then a cute little face with some green hair? This is also a great little project to do with kids. The growing of the seeds doesn’t take much patients!

Learn how to make these cute little cress cups with a face after the jump. . .

What you need for cress cups with a face

– white sake cups (a small bowl or teacup will work too)
– black ceramic marker
– oven
– cotton pads
– cress seeds

These cress cups make for the best beginner garden ever. | The 42 Definitively Cutest DIY Projects Of All Time:

How to make these cute cress cups with a face

1. Clean your cups very well.
2. Draw cute faces on your sake cups with your black ceramic marker. Bake in the oven according to the instructions on your ceramic marker.
3. Place a few layers of cotton pads in your cups. If your cups are bigger than mine you can also use regular wadding. Water it well. Make sure it’s completely soaked in water.
4. Put cress seeds on top of the cotton pads. Place the your cress cups in a light area but not in full sunlight.
5. In the next couple of days your cress will grow very fast. Don’t forget to water your little plants!
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Aren’t they cute? XO Wilma See more at http://bywilma.com/diy/diy-cress-cups-with-a-face/

10 French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

French braids look cool and fashionable. You can choose to braid your hair partly or wholly, since you can create so many styling possibilities.

If you are tired of your usual hairstyle or want to make some change, you can choose one splendid and admiring French braid. It is believed that romantic and charming French braids can bring you much fun.

French Braid Tutorials: Braided Hair Styles for Summer /Via

French Braid Tutorials: Braided Hair Styles for Summer
French Braid Tutorials: Braided Hair Styles for Summer

The side hair is braided tied back, and fixed. The rest hair is just left loose. The adorable hairstyle is ideal for people who desire a sweet and fun effect.
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