Every time I imagined my big day, I hope my guests could be marveling at all of the decorations as they enter the ceremony and reception venues. However, the budget may be limited, and I don’t want to break the bank.

If you have the same situation with what I imagined, then DIY wedding ideas could be a life saver. Whether your goal is to create a rustic vibe or pull off your dream wedding on a real-life budget, these easy DIY projects would be great choices. See more>>

DIY Wedding Hangers

diy wedding hangers step by step for weddings on a budget

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20 Cute And Clever Wedding Signs That Add A Little Somethin’ The Party

Your wedding decorations say something about you as a couple and set the tone for the day’s celebrations. So why not let a festive sign do the talking for you?

Below are 20 wedding signs — some silly, others sincere — that will add some personality to your big day.

24 Creative Uses for Beer Bottles

If you’ve recently learned how to cut glass bottles, I’m sure you’re dying to try craft projects with your beer bottle collection. Cutting glass bottles takes you a step closer to making cool DIY projects for home decor or lighting projects.

With all the barbecues we’ve had I’ve made a hefty beer bottle collection myself. I just can’t get myself to recycle them since I know there’s so much potential with what craft projects I can make with them. So with that, I did what I do best and searched the web for creative ways that I can use beer bottles. If you want a few upcycling projects to try, check out this list I created for your beer bottle collection.

1. Beer Bottle Glasses

Cool DIY Beer Bottle Glass |
via DIY Ready
Want to know how to make beer bottle glasses? It’s a cool DIY project you can make in less than an hour. Click here to read more!

25+ Easter and Spring Decorations

The weather is starting to get warmer, and hopefully the snow and cold is behind us for now. With springtime comes flowers, April showers…and Easter! Get your house ready for spring and Easter with these fun decoration ideas.


10 Tutorials to DIY Christmas Gifts

Though it still has some days before Christmas, don’t you think it’s a right time to think about choosing the Christmas gifts? We suggest that you DIY Christmas gifts instead of buying them in the shops because DIY projects can save money as well as show your heart to your friends and family members.

If you have no idea to make a gift by yourself, you are lucky to find our site. The post will introduce 10 DIY tutorials to you. You can not only save your money, but also improve your DIY skills.

Have a look at the post and begin to make Christmas gifts for people you love.

Cute Candle Idea

Cute Candle Idea
Cute Candle Idea via