Modern and Fun Guest book Ideas

Better than guest book. Have guests write on the little hearts and put them in the frame so everyone will remember.

How many times do people really go through a guestbook and read what people wrote? Do we really display these in our homes for everyone to come over and see? Chances are you answered I read it once or never, and no it is in storage somewhere. There is no need for these boring traditional books that no one looks at anymore.  Here are fun and unique ways for your guests to enjoy being welcomed to your wedding and also double as adorable home decor after for houseguests to enjoy.

1. Puzzle Pieces- Guests will each sign I piece of the puzzle then on a stay home “date night” you are your spouse can put it together.  Makes for really cute wall decor too!

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15 Beautiful Spring Nail Arts That You Should Copy

You like cheese?well gess who did them? My mother Stephanie Mcguffin follow her she has a whole site of nails to look at and love them too

Girls are more and more obsessed with decorating their nails, so if you were looking for some fresh nail designs this season, scroll down and take a look at 15 Beautiful Spring Nail Arts That You Should Copy. It’s time to break away from the dark colors, and go for the bright and cheerful ones. The spring nail ideas are colorful and will instantly put you in a better mood. Cherry reds, neon orange and baby pink are out; berry, canary yellow and dusty rose are in. Click through to see the must-try nail designs for spring and get down to work.

In the photos below we are going to present you some of the season’s hottest hues which are going to make you look trendy and stylish. These loud colors just feel like springtime. Most nail arts feature flowers, so flowers shouldn’t blossom on the trees around you. Now it’s the perfect time to do the floral nails, and you won’t regret it. Everyone will be complementing you on the bold and beautiful choices! Mani say a lot about a person, so make sure your speak the best! We are here to help you on anything you need. Our web site will give you inspiring ideas on everything! Enjoy!

15 Beautiful Spring Nail Arts That You Should Copy
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Top 10 Lovely Summer Nail Art Ideas

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Summer is coming again. Now it’s time for preparing your favourite summer dresses! It’s also the perfect opportunity for you to flaunt your best summer nails and enjoy your time in the sun. The following photos show you the best lovely summer nail art ideas.

Lovely Summer Nail Art Ideas

30 Eye-Catching Summer Nail Art Designs

30 Eye-Catching Summer Nail Art Designs

As the weather heats up, drinks become colder, clothes become skimpier and  nail designs become more and more brighter.

This time of the year is all about fun so our collection features nails in vibrant, neon shades paired with some interesting prints and patterns.

Your nails are still not ready for summer? Your better check our list of 30 eye-catching nail art designs. Hurry! Summer is right around the corner!


Instagram / justagirlandhernails
Instagram / justagirlandhernails

There’s nothing like a stunning but simple manicure right in time for hot summer days. Peachy hues look great against a summer tan. Nail polish used for the base color is Trust Fund Beauty ‘Big Spender’.

40 Classy Black Nail Art Designs for Hot Women

Black and white nails with glitter and stripes

Properly manicured and groomed nails are a strong indicator of your personality and looks. Fashion of nails has inclined much more towards use of nail art and everyone likes to get it done in a unique and different way. Black nail art helps you get rid of those boring and dull nails.

It is more than just wearing a color on your nail. You can try some innovations on your nails with the use of glitters, stones or some different nail color over the base color.

Black Nail art designs1.2