15 Spooky Halloween Nails Art Designs & Ideas 2016

If you are a girl, then surely you love to paint your nails in a different manner. When a dress code is selected for an event the first thing that we do is to find the apt match of nail color with our dress/costume because the vigor of painted nails is something else.

As Halloween is here, let us set the new spooky trend and apply some horrible faces on nails with the help of brushes and nail art pens. Check out the collection of 15 spooky Halloween nails art designs & Ideas of 2016. Use red, black and white color to draws characters so they will gel in with the dark theme of the event of Halloween. Stay safe and enjoy the fun!


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50 Festive Christmas Nail Art Designs

Christmas is coming soon, and it doesn’t only pertain to ornaments, decorations, crafting and picking gifts for your loved ones. There are countless ways you can show off your personal style and creativity for Christmas, for example you can paint your nails in festive holiday style to match the season.

Check out these festive Christmas nail art designs, which will make you stand out this season. These nail designs featured symbols of snowflakes, Christmas tree, Santa or Santa’s deer, and color of white, green, red or blue. They are really interesting and creative nail designs for Christmas and are perfect choice for your holiday nail art. See more>>





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Farmhouse Home Decor is charming, comfy, homey, and packed with personal touches and character.

Today I’m sharing over 100 DIY Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas that you can use to give your own home the endless and classic style of country living with a modern touch! FARMHOUSE DIY HOME DECOR IDEAS See more>>

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I’m not in LOVE with my hair right now. I know…shocking huh? A girl who’s not happy with her hair…I’m so original .

My hair is probably the longest it’s been in my life. And given I’ve pretty much always had long hair, that’s saying a lot.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my long hair and definitely want to keep the length. It’s just I haven’t cut it in quite a while and even though it’s really long, I hardly wear it down.

If you have dark hair and color it, you can easily achieve this look by skipping a few visits to your hair colorist. Believe me, I’ve had the look in the past…accidentally

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