15 Easy Hairstyles For That Awkward In-Between Hair Length

I imagine that everyone has her own personal awkward hair length. My awkward grown-out lob is obviously different than someone’s overgrown pixie cut (though actually, that sounds kind of cool. Can we make that a trend for spring?). But for me, the mid-range situation I’m working with right now is my hair-length nightmare. It’s been almost seven months since I cut my long wavy hair into an angled lob, so it’s not all that surprising that it’s currently an overgrown disaster. (Luckily, I’m getting a new cut and some exciting color this Friday, so stay tuned!)

But over the past couple of months, the frustration of this length has sent me deep into the Pinterest archives to figure out what on earth to do with this mess. When my hair is in good shape, I usually just straighten or curl depending on what it feels like doing when I wake up, then leave it down. When your hair is overgrown, leaving it down isn’t really an option. At least for me, it gets so bottom-heavy it looks more like a triangular hair hat than anything else. So, I had to get creative. Here are my favorite (easy) hair tutorials for our awkward medium-length hair.

1. Twisted Chignon


This chignon from The Headband Project makes me feel like a fancy lady. Although I’m still working on getting my twists as flawless as she does, overall the look is pretty easy to pull off.
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40+ DIY summer activities for kids

40+ DIY Summer Activities for Kids

It’s starting to warm up here and the kids are getting excited to get outside and have some fun!

We’ve compiled the best DIY summer activities for kids. So grab a cup of tea and get ready to get inspired to have fun with your kids this summer!

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20 Easy No-Heat Summer Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair

Summer heat is great for beach and pool days, and for your spirit – but for hair? Not so much. Between the humidity, random thunderstorms, and feeling hot in general, my hair is a total mess from June until the middle of September. I chopped it off a few months ago, so it’s not that long right now, but last year I was dealing with a LOT of hair… and it’s super uncomfortable.

Sure, the heat is bad for any type of hair, but girls with long hair have it extra hard. Hair makes you hot, especially when it’s thick and heavy and all over the place. You could just put it up in a messy bun or ponytail, but what if you’re feeling something more fun and unique? There are endless options on Pinterest and beauty blogs all over the Internet, and I’ve put together some of the cutest and easiest tutorials I’ve seen – and none of them involve extra heat! Here are 20 easy summer hairstyles for girls with long hair that will take you to the beach and beyond:

1. Keep all your hair away from any part of your body with this twisty bun (the hair dryer isn’t necessary):


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Summer is here and it’s time to change up our nail polishes from those dark red/plums/browns and move on to some more brighter colors!

These are just simple plain colors but a staple in any collection. But of course you can always change it up, and create gorgeous designs!





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45+ Purple Nail Art Ideas

Simple but cute Purple Nail Art Ideas

Below is a simple Purple Nail Art that you might find interesting to don on your nails. Having good nail art doesn’t always mean that they have to be hard to do. Sometimes you can find rather simple nail art designs that will look absolutely beautiful on your nails.

  • – Glitter Purple nail art, glitter polish has been common among other nail polishes but they can give you a wonderful and galaxy-like effect when you do this with the Purple color.
  • – Zigzag Purple nail art, this consists of two colors to create the zigzag effect while creating a slight gradient effect between the two colors. Making the zigzag effect is fairly simple and you can use a sponge to lightly put the gradient effect.
  • – Floral Purple nail art, what more perfect design for the Purple color than beautiful Purple flowers? The floral nail art designs have always been around and have always looked pretty and stylish. The Purple color also makes the flower designs appear even more exquisite and unique.
  • – Purple Nail art with embellishments, another great style to make the classic Purple nail polish stand out will be to add beautiful embellishments on top. You can choose from beads to sequins or to foil. It depends on the nail polish design that you are working on and which one looks best.
  • – Abstract Purple nail art, the color Purple itself is artistic looking and a bit of free hand paint designs can heighten the effect on your nails, done be afraid to add gradient French tips as well as abstract designs on top of the Purple polish layers.
  • – Animal print Purple nail art design, one of the most trendy and popular designs at the moment as well are the animal print ones, a lot of the prints are of leopard ones because they looked really pretty and random. Having purple animal print nails simply makes one look glamorous.

Whatever style you would choose you can be sure that Purple is a very elegant and royal looking color. It is beautiful and can even complement with other shads when you have found just the right combination. There is no ugly nail polish color when you know how to blend them into designs and gradients. Simple practice on the designs you want can help perfect the nail art you wish to recreate.


A beautiful Purple nail art design. The purple polish is accompanied by a beautiful lace design in white polish in order to accentuate the colors more clearly.

Pastel Purple nail art design with butterflies. There is a simple French tip going one plus silver glitter polish, you can also see a line of light blue on the French tips as well as fluttering butterflies from leaf to leaf.
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