15 Beautiful Hairstyles with A-Line Haircut

This cut with its deep side part creates a surprisingly feminine yet dramatically daring and edgy effect for those with attitude. here are many styling options for the A-line haircut, and highlights and ombre finishes is one of the prettiest. You can opt for a mischievous tousled effect or a classic sleek and smooth, glossy cut. Any type of curls looks great with a stacked bob. And you can opt for any length: both short inverted bobs and longer A-line styles are classy and stylish, and add a slightly bold and edgy flair.

A-Line Cut Paired with a Dramatic Color

Straight, sleek A-line cuts look amazing when you add a fun and vibrant hue. If you have dark hair, a pale blue will look stunning. However any base color with brilliant dye will work. To really rock this style, keep your hair straight.

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